About Shri Sambhaji college Khadkut Nanded

Shri Sambhaji College of Pharmacy was established in the year 2019 under the Visionary Leadership of the Mr. Shamsundar Sambhaji Kadam & Idealistic Dr. V.M. Kalamse (Principal) has steered its iconic status;

The College is offering Diploma in Pharmacy & Bachelor in Pharmacy with the intake capacity of 60 & 100 respectively.

The College has started with theme “Quality Education is our Zeal” keeping the aim to enhance the quality education in the field of Pharmacy and empower the quality pharmacist so that they serve the society to develop lifesaving drugs.


Vision & Mission


To be a premier D.Pharm program, renowned for its practical training, and commitment to ethical values.

To graduate confident and skilled pharmacy technicians who are valued members of healthcare teams and trusted advisors to patients.

To play a vital role in strengthening healthcare infrastructure by providing skilled personnel for pharmacies, hospitals, and community clinics.


To equip students with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic world of pharmacy.

To provide a strong foundation in pharmaceutical principles and practices, preparing them to dispense medications safely and effectively.

To cultivate competent and customer-oriented pharmacy technicians who contribute to accessible and efficient healthcare delivery.


To be a leading B Pharm program, recognized for its academic excellence, and dedication to social impact.

To graduate competent and compassionate pharmacists who are trusted partners in patient care and pioneers in shaping the future of healthcare.


To equip students with a comprehensive understanding of pharmaceutical sciences, empowering them to design, develop, and deliver innovative medicine that improves lives.

To cultivate critical thinking, research skills, and ethical awareness, fostering responsible pharmacists who contribute to accessible and equitable healthcare for all.

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